Training and Operations

JTilley, Inc. combines sophisticated training tools with experienced, veteran NCO instructors to develop and instruct military training programs that prepare students to support their various organizational missions.

We provide expertise in the area of military training, Training Aids Devices, Simulators, and Simulations (TADSS), Range Operations, and the Distributed Battle Simulation Program (DBSP), just to name a few. Our candidates also perform duties as a Program Manager, Mentor, Trainer, and Training Advisors.

Our personnel participate in training strategies, methodologies, and techniques that meet pre-mobilization training requirements; assists in integrating C/V/L training methodologies into Yearly Training Plans; and advises the commander on the use and integration of TADSS in order to maximize time constraints during compressed training cycles.

Our expertise include the following:

• Supervises and directs execution of training support programs and objectives for technical support training within the division staff and subordinate units required
• Assess unit training and provide feedback to the division commander and staff for pre-mobilization training requirements
• Assists in developing yearly training guidance and plans
• Provide feedback regarding the status of training within the division
• Assists in developing, executing and increasing battle command training strategy and battle staff readiness
• Coordinates the acquisition and implementation of training support packages needed to support the commander's training plan
• Develop a process to capture lessons learned from major training exercises and establish internal training programs to maximize training based on lessons learned
• Plans, coordinates and executes battled command training ensuring military decision making process training is provided to division staff officers and NCOS as required.
• Conduct periodic training planning conferences, semi-annual training briefings, and quarterly training briefings
• Plans, coordinates and executes simulation exercises in support to the commander's yearly training plan for staff training and proficiency
• Submits monthly status reports to MST leads outlining accomplishments, upcoming events, and major resources issues within the organizion
• Deployment readiness training and operations