Our service is a fee for talent solution that puts the right talent on your team from day one. We will take the time to understand your needs past a skill set. We go through a multistep screening process which allows us to find not only the right skill set but the right personality to fit your team. We are aware of your need for effective and efficient business decisions and insure a competitive rate that will fit your budget and business model.

  • Initial Discussion:

    We will meet with you to get an overview of the position, the history and culture of your company. Through this discussion, we will define your identified current gaps and the “what” and “where” of needs to be remedied. This information will provide us a good initial understanding of the job requirements and qualifications as well as the type of individual that would be the best “fit” for your culture.

  • Sourcing and Screening:

    After we understand your needs, we will work through our pipeline as well as target source your positions. The standard work flow process for sourcing and screening is as follows: Resume Skill Check, Phone Interview, Reference Checks, Pre-Employment Testing (if required), and Submittal to you for consideration.

  • Benchmark Candidates: (1st time through a job / updated job)

    It is our desire and intent to partner with you to fill your positions in an expedient manner and we are critically dependent on the interview availability and prompt feedback from you and those that are part of the hiring process. We expect to have our first “benchmark candidates” within the first two weeks of our agreement. We will need you to tell us where each candidate fits and misses so we can quickly refine the recruitment and selection process.

  • Interview process:

    The next step will be to interview candidates. We will be available throughout the interview process for council on interview questions, compensation and other questions, concerns and relevant issues pertaining to the search process and ultimate hiring of selected candidates.

  • Non-Solicitation of Candidates:

    JTilley Inc will not solicit or recruit employees from your company while a client relationship between your company and JTilley Inc exists.

  • Confidentiality:

    Except as required to be disclosed by law or to the extent necessary to fulfill its duties under this Agreement, JTilley Inc agrees to keep confidential and not disclose information supplied to us or learned regarding your company during this process.